Chemistry 10 Archive (2009-2010)

Final Exam Review Part 2 Answers

Final Exam Review Part 1 Answers

Test Review Answers

Make a cake leavened (risen) with the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and an acetic acid solution!!

Test Review Stations Answers

Week 27 Homework (Test Review) Answers

Week 27 (Mar. 15-19) Assignment Sheet

Week 26 (Mar. 8-12) Assignment Sheet

Week 25 (Mar. 1-5) Assignment Sheet

Week 24 (Feb. 22-26) Assignment Sheet

Week 23 (Feb. 8-12) Assignment Sheet

Week 22 (Feb. 1-5) Assignment Sheet

Week 21 Assignment Sheet

Semester 2 PowerPoints!

Molecule Shapes and Polarity

Giant Covalent Bonds and Intermolecular Forces

Metallic Bonding

Midterm Review Answers

Semester 1 PowerPoints!


States of Matter

Density Of Pennies

Scientific Notation and Significant Figures

Atomic Theory

Periodic Table

Bonding – Ionic



Assignment Sheet – Week 18 (Jan. 4-8)

For answers to this week’s classwork, the test review and Week 16 Homework, click here.

Assignment Sheet – Week 16 (Dec. 14-18)

Assignment Sheet – Week 15 (Dec. 7-11)

Assignment Sheet Week 14 (Nov. 30-Dec. 4)

Assignment Sheet Week 13 (Nov. 23-25)



Editing Lab Reports


Test Review Game Questions

Study for the Test

I wasn’t able to upload the actual game, but here’s a word document with the questions. 

Week 9 (Oct. 26-30) Assignment Sheet

Atomic Theory and Isotopes PowerPoint

Week 7 (Oct. 14-16) Assignment Sheet

How to Write a Lab Report

Lab Report Rubric

Density of Pennies Lab

Week 6 (Oct. 5-9) Please note that each section has a different sheet!

Week 5 Assignment Sheet

Week 4 Assignment Sheet


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