CHEMISTRY 10 Assignment Sheets

Boiteau: WAS30 (Apr. 9-13)

Boiteau: WAS29 (Apr. 2-5)

Boiteau: WAS28 (Mar. 26-30)

Boiteau: WAS27 (Mar. 19-23)

Boiteau: WAS26 (Mar. 12-16)

Boiteau: WAS25 (Mar. 5-9)

Boiteau: WAS24 (Feb. 27-Mar.2)

Boiteau: WAS23 (Feb. 13-17)

Boiteau: WAS22 (Feb. 6-10)

Boiteau: WAS21 (Jan. 30 – Feb. 3)

Boiteau: WAS18 (Jan. 9-13)

Boiteau: WAS17 (Jan. 3-6)

Boiteau: WAS16 (Dec. 19-23)

Boiteau: WAS15 (Dec. 12-16)  Fitch: Chem_Week_Outline-15

Week 14 – Biogen field trip and review packet

Boiteau: WAS13 (Week of Nov. 28)     Fitch: Chem_Week_Outline-13

Week 12 – Thanksgiving and review packet

Boiteau: WAS11 (Week of Nov. 14)

Boiteau: WAS10 (Week of Nov. 7)

Boiteau: WAS9 (Week of Oct. 31) Fitch: Chem_Week_Outline-09

Boiteau:WAS8 (Week of Oct. 24) Fitch: Chem_Week_Outline-08

Boiteau: WAS7 (Week of Oct. 17) Fitch: Chem_Week_Outline-07

Boiteau: WAS6 (Week of Oct. 12)  Fitch: Chem_Week_Outline-06

Boiteau: WAS5 (Week of Oct. 3) FitchChem_Week_Outline-05

Boiteau: WAS4 (Week of Sept. 26) Fitch:Chem_Week_Outline-04

Boiteau: WAS3 (Week of Sept. 19) Fitch:Chem_Week_Outline-03

Boiteau: WAS2 (Week of Sept. 12) Fitch : Chem_Week_Outline-02

Boiteau: WAS1 (Week of Sept. 6) Fitch: Chem_Week_Outline-01


1 Response to CHEMISTRY 10 Assignment Sheets

  1. From your website, I cannot determine what Ylana’s assignments are at present and when they are due. It would be helpful for me to have this information so that I can assure that she turns in assignments on time. Please include this info on your website or just send me an email. I would appreciate it very much.

    Yvonne Jenkins

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